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Hey there!

I am looking for people to review my first book: Searle Lorden and the Elixir of Death.

Already, I have had about 250 views of my book trailer on youtube despite me submitting it 2 weeks ago.

My book has also just been published as an ebook and I have had several sales, one review, and a lot of views and feeback on other sites and it was only published on 6th June.

I'm not going to shout to buy mine because it's the best book ever and all the other superlatives people use to plug their book. My trilogy is simple, fresh and fast-paced. It is fantasy through and through, and somehow, final fantasy and the lord of the rings are what I would compare it to.

The protagonist is not some over-the-top hero either. He is simply an introverted, over-analytical young boy who gets caught up in a whole heap of mess. AND it's not predictable.

I lent it to a friend to read and he read it in a whole day. My partner always wanted to know what mysteries lay next.

The twists are similar to 24: things happen but it's not the person you always suspect.

It's the first book in a trilogy. The sequel: Searle Lorden and the Lost Oracle is out in september.

I would really appreciate ANYBODY who will read and review my book because no has yet really.

The link to my book trailer is:

The link to my book on amazon is:

Thanks! I am a newbie publisher so still learning the ropes Smiley

Emski Wink
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