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SelfPub Panel at SXSW

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Really interesting self-publishing panel going on at SXSW right now. Rachel Deahl, Hugh Howey, Kirby Kim & Erin Brown are speaking and Publisher's Weekly is live tweeting. Hashtags - #sxsw and #selfpub. Also check @PublishersWkly
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TexasGirl said:
Are you going to Hugh's booksigning at Bookpeople Monday night?
Umm no, not that I wouldn't want to, I'm just not in the U.S. right now. Are you at SXSW? Did you go to the selfpub panel? I can't find any quotes from the other panelists - would love to hear their perspectives.
Victoria Champion said:
The OP is a broken link.
I didn't link anything?
Victoria Champion said:
Then the image or video is broken; you tried to post an image or video? Thought it might have been a failed video.
Hmm okay. I posted an image of the panelists. I can see it though. That's strange.
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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