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All work perfectly fine. Pre-owned.

They don't have chargers.
(Common USB cord will charge them)

Prices negotiable, please post or private message any questions or offers if interested.
I can also try to combine shipping costs if you would like more than 1 kindle.

Click "show" to see pictures.
can't get spoiler tags to work for some reason..

Kindle Keyboard 3G (picture later)

I was thinking $75 + $6.00 shipping.

Kindle Fire:
The first generation, you can see it has some damage in the rubber on the back.
Some scratches on screen, nothing major.
I was thinking $110 + $6.00 shipping


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Holly said:
A legitimate attempt of a user name instead of just cutsie symbols might also give some credibility to a first post.
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Some think it's 1337, 8) some think it's lame :-\

If it makes anyone feel better, I'm using the same name as my mobileread account of 6 months, with 10000 karma.
I posted these kindles over there as well.

fondazion said:
wheres the price for them or shipping???
Shipping $6.00.

kwajkat said:
You might get better results if you give some details about your goodies, what models i.e. which model is the fire?, storage,etc, condition, and prices.
Right, I'll make some edits.

EDIT: Changes made to first post.
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