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Selling 1,000 a day

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Looking at last week's sales, I averaged over 1,000 books sold a day.  That's combining US Kindle, UK Kindle and PubIt and not adding in Smashwords, LSI, direct sales, etc.  That had been the goal for the end of the year and hitting it six months early is great. 

I think the release of Super 8 helped a little with the Area 51 series, but I still have the last six books in that series to upload, so that's a plus.

I do believe these boards really help a lot, not only with promotion, but also with information.
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That's an awesome accomplishment, Bob!
You deserve your success, Bob! I appreciate all the information you share.
Congratulations on the fantastic sales. That is very impressive.
Congratulations, Bob. A case of move over, Konrath?!
:eek: Hot diggity!
Very cool.  Congratulations on the excellent achievement!
Absolutely fabulous, Bob!  And hitting six months ahead of schedule - I think you're gonna be a behemoth! 
Congratulations, Bob! I've gone from 4 a day to 5 a day to 6 a day so I should be caught up with you in...82 years :)
hardnutt said:
Congratulations, Bob. A case of move over, Konrath?!
Well, considering Bob was featured on Konrath's blog a while back it couldn't have hurt his sales any. :)

Congrats on the feat, that's a fantastic achievement Bob! :D
J. Carson Black.  I just went to Amazon and your book was one of the first listed as recommended for me.
You must be thrilled (and v pleased you went digital  8))

Keep us updated as the sales increase and we can use you as an example of another e-publishing success.
You're De Man, Bob!
That's amazing!  :D  Thank you for sharing, and congrats on meeting your goal so quickly!!
Wow, I'm impressed... and green with envy. ;D  Congrats, Bob-- may you sell many, many more!
1 - 20 of 55 Posts
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