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Selling books on Amazon JAPAN...

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You know when you scroll down the list on your KDP report page and you normally stop at the EU sites because that's normally how far it goes - well, I went that one step further last night and found I had sold ONE book from the Amazon Japan site!! (chuffed!)

Obviously my books are in English and not Japanese but does this have any bearing as to how many you are likely to sell in Japan? I would imagine Japanese language fiction sells extraordinarily well, but is it possible to be successful on Amazon Japan?

Does anybody sell regularly in the far East?

I've just had another look - such a shock :eek: to see that I've sold in Japan! Of course, now I'll have to wait a few more years to hit the ¥1000 payout threshold but one will do me for now. :)
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Got my first sale in Japan today...forget the money, it's just cool to know people in all four corners of the globe have purchased my book!  Can I request a cash payment in Yen?  I think I'd rather have the foreign bills to display in a glass case in my living room...  :p
Haha, who else just went to check their Japanese numbers?

I've still got my trusty brown bar, as always. Frankly, Amazon's generous offer of giving 70% to Select members for Japan and Brazil is almost silly if they mean this to be an incentive to remain with Select.
Well, I for one can't wait until they open up the Zimbabwe market so I can see $100 trillion in my remittance after my first sale!
I haven't actually *sold* anything in Japan yet, but I've given a couple away. Was pretty thrilled when that happened the first time. At least it makes the brown bar go away! :)
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