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I am selling my husband's kindle 2. It's like a week old. Since the iphone app came out he realizes with that and paperbooks he doesn't care about reading on the kindle per se so I am selling it for him. We prefer to sell rather than return to amazon for a personal reason of how they treated us in the past about a return so its not that there is anything wrong with it.

Anyone wants pics pm me to let me know your email address and I can do that for you. Its in mint condition. He has hardly used it.
There is a decal girl Gears skin on it that I can keep on it for you. It also comes with the amazon case and a borsabella sleeve which is supposed to fit the kindle out of a case but actually can fit with a slim case like the amazon one. Pics can be seen in this thread:,5107.0.html

That sleeve was mine and I am giving it as part of the package since I prefer my belkin netbook sleeve.

Any questions or offers please PM me Thanks!

$380 for the kindle, case & carrying sleeve plus $10 shipping priority.

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