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Send To Kindle App - problem

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I have the Send To Kindle app, email and device are registered. Problem here is after I create a working .mobi file which displays correctly on my Kindle Fire ( 1st gen) and the Kindle Previewer for the Mac I like to see what the .mobi looks like on my Ipad thru the STK app. I created two differnt .mobi files andsent thru email to the app. One is fine but the other only displays the cover, yet the .mobi is a fixed layout which was made from images.

File is under 50mb

tried sending as a .mobi and a zip 

I get the email saying there was a problem but it does not tell the cause.

any help?

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If you got an email saying there was a problem, then I'd respond to the email and ask for more information. Or, if it's a non-response type message, contact Kindle CS.

We're talking about a personal document, here, right, not a book you're trying to upload to sell or anything.

I know StK will only work with specific file types, but if it's not a compatible type the StK option shouldn't even be available as an option.  I believe there is a limit on file size, but I'm not sure what it is.  I don't think it will work if it's a zipped file.
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