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"Send to Kindle" has been updated

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At least, the Windows version has. I discovered this when I used it the other day and got a pop up. They have fixed the 'bug' that was causing Word files to be converted to a locked sans serif font on the PaperWhite.

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Linda, all you have to do is click on the install or update (I forget exactly what it says, I did it over the weekend) button, and it automatically uninstalls the old version, installs the new version, and takes you back where you were.

So, for instance, I did a right-click, send to kindle on a book. When the usual screen popped up is when I got an additional pop up about the new version. I clicked on the install/update/whatever button, it did its thing, and then took me right back to the usual screen of the book I was trying to send. Easy peasy painless!

There's probably other ways to update, but that might be the easiest. Just pick any book or document; once it updates and gets you back to the usual screen, you can cancel out without actually sending it if you don't really want to send that particular document.
Yay! Too bad all software updates aren't that easy, eh? :D
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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