This award-winning post-apocalyptic series from Massimo Marino is earning high praise from readers! All three volumes, as well as an omnibus edition, are available, with the first volume free in Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, and Smashwords.

Daimones: Daimones Trilogy, Vol.1, by Massimo Marino

"A story that is compelling and offers a glimpse into a realistic world that soon becomes something more. The elements of the plot allow the reader to explore human condition as well as a paranormal existence. The story offers a consistent flow, continuity in scene purpose, and progression of events. The characters are well developed and Dan is a solid, yet complex, main character that anchors the story." -- Greenleaf Book Group
Brand New revised Edition - Part One of the Daimones Trilogy Omnibus Edition
Multi-award winning novel and trilogy
  • Finalist in Science Fiction for National Indie Excellence Awards 2014
  • Hall of Fame in Science Fiction 2013 - Quality Reads UK Book Club
  • Winner of PRG 2013 Reviewer's Choice Award in Sci-Fi Series
  • Winner of PRG 2012 Reviewer's Choice Award in Sci-Fi
WEIRD AND TROUBLING - "Aliens. A new super human race? Twisting Biblical scriptures? Totally not what I thought it would be! Plus an adulterous affair resulting in a new species. Christians beware! This book is not what it seems." - B&N review

Nothing prepared them for Earth's last day.

May Dan Amenta be the last man alive on the planet? Death has swept away the lives of billions of people, but Dan and his family were spared. By whom, and why?

Surviving, to give meaning to their lives, and looking for other survivors lead Dan to discover the truth about the extermination of the human race.

The encounter with Laura, a young and sexy girl of Italian origin, raises ethical and moral questions that had never touched the Amentas family before.

Other survivors force Dan to confront his past to find answers to the many questions.

The past and the present come together and upset the fragile balance, physical and mental, which allowed the Amentas to find a new meaning to their existence.

Dan discovers his final role in a plan with million years roots. Planet Earth is in the hands of an ancient power, and the survivors have to choose a future that has no past, or remain in a past with no future.


"Even with the best of intentions, cruelty is just around the corner."

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Meet the Author

Massimo Marino is a scientist envisioning science fiction. He spent years at CERN and The Lawrence Berkeley Lab followed by leading positions at Apple, Inc. and at the World Economic Forum. He is also co-founder of "Squares on Blue", a Big Data Analytics service company. Massimo currently lives in France and crosses the border with Switzerland multiple times daily, although he is no smuggler.

"Daimones" is the first volume of the homonymous "Daimones Trilogy" and is based on personal experience and facts with an added "what if" to provide an explanation to current and past events. It is his first novel. Watch the book trailer at:

"Daimones" is the recipient of the 2012 PRG Award Reviewers' Choice in Science Fiction, and the Seal of Excellence in Quality Writing from both the Awesome Indies ( and the association. In September 2013 "Daimones" won the Hall of Fame - Best in Science Fiction Award, shortlisted by the Quality Reads UK Book Club.

With the second volume, "Once Humans", the series is the 2013 Winner of the PRG Reviewer's Choice Award Best in Science Fiction Series, and Honorable Mention at 2014 Readers' Favorite International Book Awards in Science Fiction. In May 2014, the Jury of the National Indie Excellence Awards in LA, selected "Daimones" as FINALIST in Science Fiction.

"Once Humans" starts seven years after the events narrated in "Daimones". The Communities led by the Selected are about to thrive and peace and security reigns on Eridu...not for long.

In Vol.3 "The Rise of the Phoenix", things change as they must. A new order and a new course will put in place the events the Moîrai have sewn and destined to rip apart the foundations of the galaxy.

He also writes short chilling, twisted, horror stories, oftentimes while having breakfast. Go figure why.

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