"The Deadline" is the first book in this series from USA Today bestselling author Lorhainne Eckhart. With over forty five-star reviews, it's well worth checking out for you lovers of romance! More on this book and the entire series below.
The Deadline (The Friessens: A New Beginning Book 1), by Lorhainne Eckhart

"I love these Friessen men and their families. Was so excited the stories are going to keep on how going. Andy and Laura had a plate full with a sick child and moving to a new state along with twins. Andy has a strong personality and I appreciate him more after this book. What a man won't do for his family. Please read!" -- Amazon reviewer
Yes, upon fan request The Friessens are back in a brand new series!

--"This book will steal your heart & have you waiting for the next one. It will also teach you to speak your mind when necessary. I do hope this situation never happens in real life! Don't miss a very good emotional read." - Whodunnit, Reviewer

--"I'm like your other fans, absolutely in love with this family. I so wanted Gabriel to get well and can't wait until Andy's mother finally gets what's coming to her. I've never read of such a vicious, manipulative, heartless character like her before. I love how this family comes together for each other, and the hubbies, momma mia, so masterful, hunks personified. I personally could see this as a series on TV." - Arkansan, Reviewer

--"I Loved this book! Thank You Lorhainne Eckhart for bringing the Friessens back. You make the Friessen men so alive and the kind of men us women wish we could meet. The Deadline is a touching story of unconditional love and strength." - Amazon Customer, Reviewer

In THE DEADLINE, Andy Friessen has packed up everything and moved his family two states away, to Montana, to protect his wife, Laura, his newborn babies, and his stepson, Gabriel, from the threats of his mother. What Andy doesn't know is that they'll soon face a new threat, one he never saw coming.

Gabriel is sick, and a trip to the doctor confirms Laura and Andy's worst nightmare: Without a lifesaving transplant, their son won't survive.

What Andy doesn't count on, as he tracks down the young man who fathered Gabriel, as well as Laura's estranged parents, is that a whole host of problems are about to be unleashed.

  1. The Forgotten Child (Brad & Emily)
  2. A Baby And A Wedding (An Outsider Series Short)
  3. Fallen Hero (Andy, Jed & Diana)
  4. The Search (An Outsider Series Short)
  5. The Awakening (Andy & Laura)
  6. Secrets (Jed & Diana)
  7. Runaway(Andy & Laura)
  8. Overdue (An Outsider Series Short)
  9. The Unexpected Storm (Neil & Candy)
  10. The Wedding (Neil & Candy)
Or grab all the books in this sizzling romantic family saga in one boxed set collection. The Outsider Series: The Complete Omnibus Collection.

  1. The Deadline (Andy & Laura)
  2. The Price to Love (Neil & Candy)
  3. A Different Kind of Love (Brad & Emily)
  4. A Vow of Love, A Friessen Family Christmas
  1. The One (Joe & Margaret)
  2. The Honeymoon, A Wilde Brothers Short
  3. Friendly Fire (Logan & Julia)
  4. Not Quite Married, A Wilde Brothers Short
  5. A Matter of Trust (Ben & Carrie)
  6. The Reckoning, A Wilde Brothers Christmas
  1. The Choice
  2. Lost And Found
  3. Merkaba
  4. Bounty
  5. Blown Away, The Final Chapter
Or grab all the books in this sizzling romantic thriller in one boxed set collection. Walk the Right Road: The Complete Collection.

Before purchasing THE DEADLINE please be aware the stories in this series are filled with sexual tension, rough language, passion, the ideals of family, love and loyalty and The Friessen men are strong sexy alpha males.

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USA Today bestselling author Lorhainne Eckhart's books have been described as Longmire meets old school Dallas and she recently received the 2013 Readers' Favorite Award for Romantic Suspense for her title Lost and Found. With over 30 titles under her belt, she is frequently a top 100 bestselling author in multiple genres such as Romance, Westerns and Mystery/Suspense, including such series as The Outsider, Walk the Right Road, The Wilde Brothers, The Saved and her most recent addition The Friessens: A New Beginning.

Since her bestseller The Forgotten Child landed on the Amazon #1 Bestseller list for Westerns and Western Romance, Lorhainne has sold more than 300,000 eBooks worldwide.

Lorhainne lives on sunny Salt Spring Island with her family where she is working on her next novel.

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