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Hi everyone! I've just epublished my YA science fiction novel, Genesis Earth, and I'm looking to set up a blog tour in order to promote it. If you have a blog and think your readers might be interested in my book, I'd love to come on as a guest blogger!

Here's how it works: you give me a topic (eg a friend of mine asked "what's your process for outlining characters?") or some interview questions, and I'll write up a post and send you some images that you can use to link to my book on Amazon. Once the post goes live, I'll link to it on my own blog, giving us a chance to cross-pollinate readers.

I've been blogging for four years and currently average around 25 to 30 unique visitors per day, so besides giving you free content for your blog, you might get a chance to expand your blog readership. In exchange for that, you give me a chance to expose my book to a wider audience and attract new fans of my work. Seems like a win-win to me.

Genesis Earth is a coming of age story with spaceships, wormholes, first contact, and a touch of romance. If that sounds like something that would mesh well with your natural audience, then I'd be happy to write up a guest post for you! And don't worry if your blog isn't very widely read; I love having new things to blog about and will just be cross-linking it anyways, so it helps me either way.
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