Over 40 five-star reviews for this "delicious confection of a novel" from author Alex A. King. Fans of women's fiction, laced with action, adventure, and humor, will enjoy this full-length book.

Seven Days of Friday, by Alex A. King
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438 pages, with a 4.5-star rating from 73 reviews

"A very skillfully written novel centering around the story of Vivi, a second-generation Greek woman whose husband is leaving her to be with a gay man, mother is insane and daughter is possibly suicidal. Seven Days of Friday is the story of how she takes all those varieties of lemons and tries to make lemonade. How does you she do it? (Hint, like most women re-inventing themselves story it involves international travel. In this case, Greece.) All in all, it's very much My Big Fat Greek Wedding meets Eat Pray Love with a little bit of Fight Club thrown in. The writing itself is consummately professional." -- Amazon reviewer
Seven Days of Friday opens with Days of the Week underwear and closes with a forty-year-old secret that refuses to stay submerged.

Thirty-four-year-old Vivi Tyler is living her nightmare: gay husband, self-harming teenager, melodramatic mother. They're picking apart her sanity, one stitch at a time. She's crawling along rock bottom when the arrival of a mysterious package opens a new door to a new country. A desperate Vivi dives headfirst into the quicksand that is Greece-her parents' birthplace.

But it's a paradise far from perfect, and instead of the new beginning she covets, Vivi discovers trouble is determined to keep her in its pocket. Soon she's fighting for her daughter's life in a Greek hospital, clashing with her Greek relatives, and cobbling together an inadequate cage around her heart, lest she fall for an unavailable man.

Before this story ends, somebody will be dead. And if some people are to be believed, this particular death is a good thing. A blessing, of sorts . . . .

Seven Days of Friday is a story for anyone who has ever wanted to hurl a plate at a deserving face.

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Alex A. King is a hybrid author who uses her real name to publish other, more serious things. Like Xerxes, she went to Greece (minus the Persian army), and like Xerxes, she eventually bailed. Not because she lost a war with the Greeks, but because her family was relocating. Alex currently lives in the Pacific Northwest with her family. When Alex isn't writing, you can find her crying over that piece of LEGO she just stood on. Two years ago, she quit napping without the help of a twelve-step program. She began writing because MGM was no longer making musicals and she has the drawing talent of a mollusk.

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