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SF eBooks by J.T. McIntosh published

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A dozen or so science fiction ebooks by J.T. McIntosh (pseudonym of James Murdoch MacGregor, Scottish writer and journalist) have just shown up in the Kindle store.

For people that like traditional/classic SF, these are a very welcome addition to the SF offerings at Amazon, IMHO. I immediately bought three.

I got:

It has the distinction of being the book that got me into SF at an early age when I read it from a hotel library in Garmisch, Germany while on holiday with my parents. Must have been in 1954. It was also in my introductory three books from the Science Fiction Book Club, which I joined shortly thereafter.

I also bought:

Probably my favorite work by this author. It's sort of a post-apocalyptic novel about experiments to increase animal intelligence that went amok. It has one event that creeped the bejeesus out of me at age 11, and stills gives me chills when I think about it. Pretty tame compared to most things in books these days, though, even in YA books.

The last of the three I bought is:

I read this back in the fifties, but have no clear recollection of it other than the premise.

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And they all seem to be $3.03. Any significance to that, or is it a function of currency conversion or something?

I'm going to pick up The Fittest just to add to my collection. My reading genre for the month IS sci-fi.

It's a strange price, for sure. It may be due to currency conversions, I think the publisher is a UK one. It would be 1.89 Pounds, or 2.28 Euros at today's rate.

It's an nice low price, though. Many of the books from that era are priced at $9.99.

Yep, a nice addition to my eclectic collection of ebooks.

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