Shadows of Knight: Book 1 of Dark Shadows - a Romantic Suspense Trilogy, by M E Whiter
261 pages, with a 3.6-star rating from 5 reviews

"Rachel is not your typical arty type, she's easy to relate to and a whole lot of fun to read. Her first overseas trip is shaping up to be a great adventure, until she is deliberately pushed in front of the car belonging to the tall dark and handsome Sebastian Knight. I like Rachel's feisty character and how she stands up for herself, from her first encounter in the hospital, with Sebastian. Though secretly, she suspects she has met her match with the likes of him, a charming and charismatic man, who definitely knows how to take stubborness to a whole new level, when he promises to keep her safe, from whoever is threatening to harm her." -- Amazon Reviewer
Romantic Suspense Trilogy
A sexy romantic suspense story, fuelled by steamy passion and dark secrets.
When Australian artist, Rachel Day, receives a free all expenses paid trip to Vancouver, British Columbia by a mysterious benefactor, it soon turns out to be anything but free, when someone pushes her in front of CEO millionaire, Sebastian's Knight's car.
Once Rachel tells the police that she was deliberately pushed in front of Sebastian's car, her case becomes the subject of an ongoing police investigation.
While staying as a guest in Sebastian's penthouse, during her convalescence, she receives a mysterious note, threatening her safety. Sebastian flies her to his lake house for a couple of days, to keep her safe, until the threat can be investigated.
In the beautiful setting by the lake in Kelowna, their relationship quickly turns into a hot passionate romance. Rachel is surprised to find herself, falling for the highly intimidating and sensually charismatic Mr Knight.
Unfortunately, not all goes well in cupid's paradise. When Sebastian's overbearing obsession with her safety, threatens her newfound independence, she realises what a terrible mistake she's made, in allowing herself to fall for his charms.
But, will running from the secret shadowing both their pasts, prove to be her ultimate mistake?
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Warning! This work of fiction, is Book One in the trilogy DARK SHADOWS, a romantic suspense story, containing steamy sex scenes that may not be suitable for readers under 18. This book ends on a cliffhanger.

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M. E. Whiter is an upcoming author, living in the beautiful Blue Mountains, near Sydney Australia with her husband and two small dogs, who think they are the boss of the house. She loves to write sexy romantic suspense novels, creating stories that are filled with mystery and intrigue and lots of steamy romance on the side. Her writing stems from her passion for creativity, which started from early childhood and has taken her life in many different directions over the years, including studying writing, psychology and art, to name just a few. She describes herself as being "part gypsy", as she has travelled extensively during her life, both around Australia and to various parts of the world. There are many writers who "write what they know", but she likes to add a twist to the concept, by taking snippets from her own life's adventures and injecting them into her stories, to add a pinch of spice and realistic authenticity. The teaser is: she's not going to reveal exactly where the line is drawn, between which bits are fact and which bits are pure fiction. You'll just have to use your own imagination, to speculate on the answer to that secret. If you would like to stay in touch with her, you can contact her at any of the links below . . . Blog: Email: [email protected] Facebook: Subscribe to my newsletter