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Hi everyone.

Below you will find all the Short stories I have made that have been published on Kindle. Please enjoy and leave your reviews. They are mainly Science Fiction and one Crime story.

My Amazon Author page: -
My main website: -

My Stories:

The Cataline Downfall

Name: - The Cataline Downfall
Author: - Shane Ward
Genre: - Fantasy/Sci-Fi
Word Count: - 7,946
E-book Price: - Around £0.86

Ellie-Soma, was your typical Cataline teenager exploring her world and enjoying her life to the fullest. That was until her home world was invaded by an ancient alien race called the Krainers. Intoxicated by the telepathic bond that all Cataline posses, the Krainers rampaged through her world and began their deadly campaign that ranged from kidnapping to murder.

But for Ellie-Soma, this was not going to be a tale of just survival; it will be a story about her life, her people and the circumstances she was tossed into. She will lose her friends, her loved ones and she will see her world torn apart. But with unrelenting determination, she intends to save as many of her people as possible.

Join her in her adventure and experience a world beyond dreams and reality. Welcome to the The Cataline Downfall.

Abstract of Story: -
Our world bathed inside a nebula of blue rich gas that encased the entire solar system. Every cycle, another nebula would collide with ours to create a rare and dazzling display that many of our people would wait an entire lifetime to see. When it did occur; our world was bathed in a harmony of god-like art. Our world was paradise, filled with fields of rich green pasture and plants that lit up the night sky as well as offerer a stunning display for all to see during the day.

We're a race that's passionate about all things: life, technology and exploration. But when my family talked about the old days, they explained a terrible secret that our race holds about the population of this galaxy.

In the past, an alien race visited our planet thousands of years ago and started a colony. We didn't know them at the time, but as soon as first contact was established, our exotic forms and strong telepathic scent caused the entire colony to descend on us with devastating results. Soon ships arrived and began invading our world. Almost all of our people were raped, mutilated and tortured for not giving themselves up. In the end, mass suicides were the only way to escape. That was before a mysterious 'thing' arrived and took the invading aliens away. The unidentified thing that helped rid our planet from the invading aliens spent many weeks developing the first shield generator and once it was activated, they left.

We never knew who this alien race was, or their motives. But after that incident, we evolved from our scars and turned into a race so powerful we roamed the stars hidden from view.

Unfortunately, as time ticked on, the inner workings of the government went bad. My father used to hide in his office and mutter about the bad times and things that went wrong. Investigations, gangs and the swapping of power were commonplace on our world and it all tracked back to the government.


Name: - Unyielding
Author: - Shane Ward
Genre: - Crime/Sci-Fi/Adventure
Word Count: - 8,350

Info: -
A battle for right, a battle for a child. One ship, two enforcers with a conflict of interest.

In the distant future mankind sent a ship with five thousand people into the depths of space to colonize a new world called Terra Secondo: Second Earth. But their journey takes 400 years and sacrifices had to be made. Mankind no longer has the freedom to choose its destiny. Families must undergo severe checks before having children and when sex is outlawed, enforcers must discover if they are human or pure machines.

During the final years of the voyage, one enforcer ends up trapped between his loyalties, between his friends and his new illegal child.

What will happen?

Abstract of Story: -
She sat on the edge of the silk covered bed and slowly manoeuvred herself into a cat-like position. She deliberately made sure that her firm butt was aligned perfectly with the lone individual who sat in the corner of the Spartan steel room. Once she piqued his interest, she slowly crawled into the centre of the bed and lifted her upper body towards the ceiling. Her long, blond hair fell perfectly down her round breasts and she slowly began to lower her crisp white thong along slender legs.

"I know what you want," she teased. "I have many skills and I know you must be...very lonely in your line of work."

The man stood from his womb-like chair and strolled towards the gorgeous female posing erotically on the bed. He was just about to touch her succulent tender breasts when someone barged into the room.

"Robert Arturo. We have an illegal birth taking place, you are needed with the extermination squad." The man-who was momentary transfixed by the slender woman as he entered the room-took his eyes off the female and stared at Robert.

The man watched Robert hastily slipped into his navy blue uniform with gold epaulets and run his hands through his greasy hair, trying to hide the embarrassment on his face. He then led the way through the exit and hastily marched down the passageway, not looking back.

Halfway down the passageway, Robert asked, "What's the location of that illegal birth?"

"Deck 73 habitat ring midsection, sir."

"Are the units in place?"

"Not yet, sir. We're waiting for your signal...sir?" the individual asked with a sneer.

"What it is Maddox?" Robert replied, not slowing the pace, but knowing his comrade was about to ask about the blond girl.

"Sex is illegal on the United Nations Wedline." Maddox shrugged his shoulders. "You know, population control and such. It was a law brought down by the Arbitrators. You know that."

Robert looked into his partner's eyes and felt some level of annoyance. He knew the rules and did not need him to recite them. Sex was forbidden for health and social reasons because the first captain outlawed it after the great disease that started the mass riots. Many people lost their lives and drastic action had to be taken. The breeding program was very selective. Sperm was taken, then examined for the perfect designer baby which would survive the long trip and help build the perfect society on this new world. Natural births were strictly forbidden. Any natural birth was immediately terminated and it became common practice throughout the years.

The Girl who Wanted to Fly

Name: - The Girl who Wanted to Fly
Author: - Shane Ward
Genre: - Sci-Fi/Adventure
Word Count: - 13,500

Info: -
On the dawn of a new age for mankind, one young woman discovers her passion for the sky, unlike anything she's experienced before. But the journey to discovering her dream faces hardship by the interference of her father, the colony ruler. With the help of her saviour, she embarks on an incredible journey to defy her father and ultimately face mankind's biggest enemy, the Pagers.

Follow Sonya in her quest as Shane Ward brings you another fantastic new story.

Abstract of Story: -
A new world waited for us and I was filled with mixed feelings about leaving Earth and all my friends. I studied about the first human to set foot on Lio and I would follow in his footsteps, as did hundreds of hopeful colonists.

With the chance to colonise Lio, my family uprooted themselves from Earth and took to the skies in search of new adventures.

It wasn't the need to leave a used up world, or escape a civilization that was on the brink of war. Earth was not perfect, but our civilization had learned to live with each other and treat our planet with respect, so why did we head for the vast openness of space?

The answer was simple. We yearned to explore the unknown; we wanted a fresh new start in a world. We wanted to see if we could pass on our human ingenuity and passion without spreading the seed of hate.

By the time we left Earth, I, Sonya was not a happy girl. The shuttle took off before I could comprehend the choices my family had made. The image of our beautiful world slowly disappeared into the darkness and the starry sky turned all blurry as we travelled faster than light.

I knew we were on our way and my family sat with big smiles and overexcited imaginations. They spoke about owning their own land and the opportunities that lay before them; they always spoke about this new world.

I was not the only child in this flight. Many families took to the sky on their way to Lio. Such a fitting name; I could have invented something better. But names were not on my mind; I mourned the friends I left behind.


I guess I was about eight years old at the time, going through school and enjoying every moment of it. My friends ranged from rowdy young bucks that got into trouble, to the shy adolescent girls that would peek around corners. I, on the other hand, was the adventurous type. I was the one with a goal, which slowly turned into a driving force that convinced me to leave Earth. But I was too young at the time to realize how much I would love this place.

As our human intelligence allowed us to adventure into the great unknown, we came upon an alien race that called themselves the Pagers.

We never knew what to make of these beings. On the first encounter, which stormed the papers and news services like a storm, the alien vessel sat in space and did nothing for days. I remember seeing it on view-screens back on Lio. Scientists, diplomats, and negotiators tried to communicate with the strange object that looked like a rock with an engine wedged to the top. Not the best design for a ship, but it was different nonetheless.

Then it backed away. No reason. It just moved away without any form of contact. As I continued to watch the moment unfold, I sensed something terrible about to happen.

I remained glued to the screen as the human vessel attempted to intercept it. This turned out to be a big mistake. The alien vessel opened fire, disintegrating our ship into a million pieces.

There was no warning or any need for that blunt attack. The highly skilled teams that had followed all the protocols set out for this kind of situation perished needlessly. It appeared the aliens were in no mood for friendly negotiations and years later, the war began.

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