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SHARED EMPTINESS has received several Five Star reviews on Goodreads, as well as on Amazon and Smashwords. Here's one of them:

A family that seems to have one thing in common - their son seems to be the backbone of the family, keeping peace and balance, he knows when to joke around, when to be serious, until an unexpected tragedy happens. They must face a horrid reality and accept the cards that have been dealt, however the one person they need answers from can no longer help them.
Each member of the family, along with a few friends and even the church, must now face facts, make decisions that may change their lives even more than it has already been changed.
They all have trouble coping, all have trouble dealing with right from wrong.
their lives are upside down, never to be the same again.
The author brings you into the book, makes you a real part of it, so much to the point that you become a part of the story. You feel for each person as you find out their secrets.
Each person has their own problems as well, making their choices even more difficult.
A great read, a fantastic twist of an ending, one that no one would expect, but one that makes you feel good when you are done. I put my kindle down on my lap after reading the last page, put my hand on it and said, "Now that was a great story," and I meant it.

The book is available on most sites, including:

Thanks for your time and interest.
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