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I got this review the other day for All The Gods Against Me. It's short and sweet. It meant the world to me, because I (like all of us) put so much into these tales and hope that people get more out of them than just entertainment. When I read these words, I couldn't get over that I had reached the right kind of reader for that story. It is a deep tale, filled with philosophy, theology, addiction, and just the pain of being human, unlucky, and being unable to recognize beauty. A very adult novel. I printed it out and tacked it to the wall above where I write, so I can see it everyday. But it's things like this that really make you realize, as a writer, that, yes, you are doing your job, and you are touching people's lives. That's all pretty heavy perhaps, I know. But still. I just had to share and hope stories, no matter where they come from, continue to enrich and enlighten peoples' lives, and yes, even the dark tales have that capability. Peace, all!
Here's the review:

When you read this challenging book, believe in your own instincts as to the message. It walks as close to the inner thoughts of madness as possible, yet draws you in. These characters will forever remind me of those we need to love.
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