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Shellac nails? The good, the bad?

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Anyone know anything about shellac nails. We were just given the green light to get them and wear the polish to work, which is much better than the no polish option. Has anyone had them?  I called some local salons today and found one that removes them with the wraps, which is a big deal to me because i don't want to soak my fingers in acetone. Are there any other concerns? Does anyone have and love them?
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I just had my first shellac manicure recently and loved it.  My nails are very soft (like paper) and peel off all the time.  I rarely bother with a regular manicure because it's chipped a day in.  The shellac lasted a long time - looked good for at least a week, and then started to get a bit ratty looking by about day 10.  My nails also felt very hard while it was on, and I didn't have any breakage.

However, I am concerned about the contents of the shellac, the fact that they have to be dried/cured under UV light, and the removal method.  Mine didn't get wrapped, just soaked.  The nail place I go to is run by an Asian woman, and most of the people there are a little difficult to understand, so I didn't bother to ask what my nails were being soaked in, although I assume it was acetone.

I will be interested to see what others have to say about this.  The reason I went and got it done is that a friend of mine had had hers done, and her nails looked amazing.  She gets them done over and over, and swears by the shellac.
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This sounds like the gellish nails. I've never heard of the shellac nails, but the application and removal process sounds the same. I like it, but it's very time consuming. What's it made of? My nails were soaked in Acetone, very drying.
My nails have finally grown out from having artificial nails.  The salon guy said why not try gel...they last 2 weeks and there is no drilling (which I despise) I asked how you remove it every 2 weeks and he said soak in thanks.

If I keep my hands out of my mouth, they look good now.  Still very thin, but I keep them short.  I am relieved not to have anyone filing on me anymore.  But it would be kind of nice to have the gel if there was a better way to remove it.
I know what you mean, Picatsso. The filing is my most hated part of having my nails done. Not only does it hurt but my real nails look so aweful once the fake nails are removed.
I think the gel nails and shellac manicure are two different things.  The shellac is just a different type of polish that they use on your natural nails (though I suppose they could also use it on artificial/gel nails).  You can't choose one of the regular polishes; it has to be the special shellac polish.  The brands I've seen are OPI and CMD (I think).  Once they paint it on, you dry your nails under the UV light for a couple of minutes, and they are completely done - you can walk right out without worrying about smudging them.  That was really the most amazing thing to me, as I can't tell you how many times I've had my nails done and smudged one (or more) of them in the first hour.
I've had gel-polish also known as shellac twice now and love it.  Especially love how it doesn't chip off after a day or two like the usual French manicure does. I detest gel nails or any of the wraps or artificial nails because it weakens my nails.  This doesn't.  And it lasts at least 2-3 weeks :)
How do you get it off?
The first time I used acetone.  It's stronger than regular nail polish remover, but it's not too bad.

I have to admit, though, that right now I'm just letting it grow off.  My nails grow quickly, so I just used clippers to trim off the white part.  My nails look like they've got a coat of clear polish on them (except near the bottom).  But I don't get out much!  I have something coming up later this month that I'll need nice looking nails for, so I plan to have it done again in a couple of weeks.
How does the price compare to acrylic or gel?

I just got tips put on for the first time in 7 years and I haven't been back for a fill. Too time consuming and I forgot how difficult it is to pick up anything with them. My daughter used to do mine and they were nice and thin.

I've just been cutting them down and when they are short enough, I'll use acetone to take them off. I've got a plastic container with scrubby things inside. I fill it with acetone and rub my nails back and forth. Really speeds up the process.

Gertie: I don't know how the price compares. I get mani pedis and it only costs $7 more for the shellac. Best part is there is no drying time and my nails aren't thick like they are with gel nails and acrylics. Good idea about adding the acetone to the scrubby container. I may try that!
I must admit to being a little bemused. I don't like colored nails on women, and would prefer to see short cut nails, unadorned. Long, hard, glossy nails always bring to mind a teacher scratching their fingers down a nail board.
Gelish was the brand name of the first time I tried that stuff.  NOT good, it peeled off after a week or so and left my nails looking like they were coming apart.  Also there was a bit of pain when the stuff came off.  I got no instructions when it was applied and the smell is atrocious.

I tried shellac brand, same stuff different brand, and it is much better quality.  No smell, small color selection tho- good thing I like red- three weeks and it's still perfect.  However, this time I got it on my toes not my fingernails so it grows out slower.
They will take it off when I am ready, or they can push the cuticles back and infill it on the back end, also I think they can paint over the colors of some of them if needed.  I have no idea what the ingredients of this stuff might be.
I love Shellac. A few times over the years I have tried to wear gel nails and hated it. I hate how fake they look and the grinding. At first I was getting Axiuum nails. While they were better than gel nails, they didnt really last and the removal was not the best. Then on youtube I saw some reviews of Shellac and thought I would give it a go. I absolutely love them.

Shellac is nothing like "gel nails". It is a very hard, very thing layer on top of your nails and they do not grind the nails before they apply it. You can watch videos on youtube. But the best part is it really does wear 2 weeks for me and the removal is easy (my salon uses the wrap method). And I cant say enough about the color. I chose a dark red. The color looks like it is deep, like looking into a ruby. Not flat at all like most other polishes.

Recently I have been thinking of buying the Shellac system on Amazon. But I dunno. The salon costs $36 for removal and reapplication. I usually give a $10 tip. So about the same as gel and twice the price of a normal manicure.

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I have really long nails but I don't go to salons or have them done.

I've been tempted by the Nailtique Gel polish I'm seeing in the ULTA flyers. 
I've never done regular manicures, but I really do like the Shellac. I did them the first time back in March for an event, and have been keeping it up with it almost nonstop since. I go three-four weeks between trips, and it does grow out a bit, but I wear a clear color only, so it's not very noticeable. The reason I bother with it and only do a clear color is because my nails feel so much stronger, and the shine is pretty. No problems with ripped nails or filing issues.

The description my salon gave is that Shellac was a hybrid of gels and regular polish, with some benefits of both.
My brain can't read this topic correctly even after repeated viewings. I keep seeing it and immediately thinking this...

I think it's time for bed.
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