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Short Fiction Writers Guild announcement - seeking great book recomendations

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Thanks for posting, CC.  I'll be including a few of my favorites from reviewing.
Thanks, just sent you over a recommendation of a short fiction piece I read recently and loved!
Does it have to be a single story or can it be a collection?
T.L. Haddix said:
This sounds very cool, but I have to tell you, the first thing that popped into my (admittedly addled) mind was this - "Ooh! A Writer's Guild for Short people!" Sorry. Had to say it. ;) ;D
Psh. WE don't discriminate over height. Unlike SOME forums. Like, uh,
C.C. Kelly said:
Thanks! I'm sure others will want to read it as well. Maybe even sell a few for the author. ;D

I believe the saying is "what goes around comes around" and sometimes that's a good thing.
Not to mention it will help keep the quality of submissions high.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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