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While doing revisions on my novel, I am yelled at (for good reason) when I decide to tell instead of show. Since this, I've become more critical of my entertainment media, looking for good examples.

Last night, I saw a wonderful example of show, don't tell. I was at the drive-in movies, watching Super 8. In the opening scene of the movie (sorta spoilers), the movie opens in the inside of a factory. A sign hanging from the ceiling says "Accident Free-768 days." A man on a ladder climbs up and pulls the numbers down. Cut to next scene: a boy in a black suit sitting outside on a swing, holding a locket. Before anything else is said or shown, I know that somebody important has died. Brilliant.

I use these images as my own mental guidelines. I would be interested in hearing some of your favorite Show, don't Tell moments.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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