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Say what you will about Amazon: Their speed and service are astounding.

I finished drafting HUNTER on June 4.

I immediately shared it with a bunch of beta readers, who reported back to me with suggestions and fixes by June 15.

After making changes and corrections, I sent it out for ebook formatting on June 20. I had the ebook formatted and ready to post on Amazon the very next day, on June 21 -- and sales started to come in immediately.

Then I worked with my formatter on the print book. We went through several rounds of corrections. I uploaded the print edition to Createspace on June 30.

We went through two rounds of proofs with CreateSpace, concluding last week. The biggest delays during this time were printing and shipping from CreateSpace; but the tech support and customer service people couldn't have been nicer or more competent and helpful.

I got the second proof today, in mid-afternoon -- and put the book "live" for purchase:

That's 17 days from completion of the book to selling ebook copies, and just 11 days from uploading the book to CreateSpace to having print copies SELLING.

Incredible. And throughout it all, nothing but 5-star service from Amazon's divisions.

I couldn't be happier! They deserve every penny of the fortune they're making.
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