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Hello everyone,

I'd like to tell you about Sick of Being Me by Sean Egan, which is now available in Kindle format after having first been published to acclaim in paperback in 2003. We've priced the Kindle edition competitively - 99p from the UK amazon site $1.49 from the US site

It's the alternately exhilarating and harrowing story of guitarist Paul Hazelwood, from his childhood on a London council estate where he nurtures his dreams of stardom to his agonising realisation on the cusp of his thirties that talent doesn't necessarily bring success. The book comes with endorsements from Charles R. Cross, author of Heavier Than Heaven: A Biography Of Kurt Cobain, well known rock critic Richie Unterberger, Gary Valentine (formerly of Blondie), Frank Allen (The Searchers) and John Steel and Vic Briggs (The Animals). We're also proud to say that it garnered some remarkable reviews (e.g., "Something of Roddy Doyle's gritty realism in the dialogue.. Harrowing descriptions of junkiedom rival Irving Welsh. A snorting good read." Nigel Williamson, Uncut magazine, December 2003.)

Hope this is of interest to you and look forward to any reaction any of you might have to the book.

Best wishes,

Malcolm chapman

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