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Annalog said:
Even if the word is found, the Kindle will display the number of unindexed items if any items are unindexed.
Morf said:
Ah, I didn't realise that, I've never had the "unindexed items" problem, so I was just going on what I had read elsewhere. Apologies for the confusion!
That is OK. ;) If there are unindexed items found when searching for an indexed word, the number of unindexed itrems is displayed at the end of the search list. That is why it is best to search for a string that will not be found or for a string that will only be found in one or two places.

One of the causes of books that will not index (and related battery drain due to the Kindle constantly trying to index the book) is a book file with a corrupted location. One cause of corrupt locations is downloading a book over a weak and unreliable wireless connection. Since I live at the edge of 3G phone service, this was a problem for me in early 2009 when I had problems with books with corrupt locations. I learned to make sure I had a strong signal first, download via my computer, or check to see if the book indexed. At least one time the sample on Amazon was corrupted when the book was OK.
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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