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They're coming. And, coming in force.

David Powell and Cobra sounded the alarm. Fifty enemy ships are on their way to the three planets the ISC Fleet must defend: Beta Hydri's 'Big Blue,' Inor, and Earth.

In this much-anticipated final installment of The Preeminent War series, the Preeminent go 'all in' to crush the ISC Fleet and remove the hated 'Vermin' from their space. They're empowered with a new weapon: a deadly new ship whose real threat Cobra's brain trust can't decipher.

Carol Hansen's Antares will pay a heavy price as it fights through the Preeminent onslaught. But, the battle will not end as Carol might hope, and she will find herself in a role, and then a place, she never expected.

At the same time, something is happening on the Preeminent home planet at Alpha Mensae, as old legends inspire new thinking, and dark, long-held secrets are revealed. A young female's extraordinary abilities are revealed to her, and the implications of what she and her malePair learn may change the course of the war.

Will the Preeminent's enormous ships win the day, or will the ISC Fleet manage somehow to weather the storm and emerge victorious?

Or, will something no one anticipated bring the conflict to a different kind of end?
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