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Book 1 - The High Wizard of Silvinesh - Released in print, June 2009 and on Kindle June 2010
Artwork by Ron Peterman

It is a time of darkness . . . only days remain before a deadly war is set to begin, between the minions of the Ever-Night Realm and the White Wizards of Silvinesh. An ancient message is found that gives the elvin heroes a glimmer of hope, and with it, they take a chance, and seek out a lost power, hidden, somewhere within Crystal Mountains. After narrowly escaping with their lives, the heroes return to Thelentia on the eve of battle, to aid their human allies against the deadly dark elvin threat. Journey with the brave group of friends and family, as they unravel the mysteries of the past, and find a way to save the world they love.

Book 2 - Cold Winter's Magic - Released in print June 2010 and on Kindle July 2010
Artwork by Vachel Chartrand

It has been six long months since Alentia escaped through the Plane of Fire with Erik. White Wizards endlessly search the four corners of the outer realms for three lost friends, trapped, somewhere below in the dark depths of The Ever-Night Realm. Century's old evil begins to stir, and a mysterious red haired woman cries out into the night for someone to save her. Will the light of Silvinesh ever shine again, or is this magical world about to slip into the dark embrace of eternal night.


Book 3 - Shimmer of Silver Sorcery, Released in print, May 2011 and on Kindle June 2011
A special thank you to Karen Koski for her work on the cover art, simply beautiful.

The dark secrets of the past, shadowing the hearts and minds of the brave heroes, all come to light. Betrayal and treachery, key to every decision and the dire consequences that will follow. In the end, the greatest battle will come within each of them, their actions, shaping the futures and fortunes of all. Shimmer of Silver Sorcery is the third book of the first trilogy of the Silvinesh Series, concluding the story of William and Alentia that started with The High Wizard of Silvinesh and Cold Winter's Magic.


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