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Does anyone else use Skype? My family has been using more and more now. My mom and I just downloaded it to the home computer. We have family and friends all over the world, so this program comes in handy, especially when Daddy is deployed. Now, once or twice a day I have video conservations with my dad right before my morning class/just as i leave the house or near dinner time. Basically its like having a phone on your computer, but I only use the free features. I also call my mom via Skype when she is on her computer and visaversa (this usually happens when I am at school and she has a question and I can't exact pull out my phone. At once, my mom will be on the desktop, I will be on my laptop, and my dad will be on his laptop having a video conversation.

For those who doesn't know what Skype is....
Skype (IPA: [skaɪp]) is software that allows users to make telephone calls over the Internet. Calls to other users of the service and to free-of-charge numbers are free, while calls to other landlines and mobile phones can be made for a fee. Additional features include instant messaging, file transfer and video conferencing. (from Wikipedia).

From what I was reading on wikipedia, Skype can also be downloaded to the PSP. Some cell phone also have the compability of using it. Its availiable for devices with Windows Mobile and for the Blackberry.

The fun thing about it is how my dog reacts to it. I sit on the floor next to her and have conversations with my dad (currently overseas)....She hears my dad's voice calling for her, but she just couldn't find where it was coming from. So today I made her stay next to me and she finally figured out where the voice is coming from (when I switched to full screen video). Tonight's conversation was funny. She noticed I was getting a call before me (was in the next room) and was sitting next to my desk waiting for me to answer it. I have to clean my screen since my dog's nose pressed against the screen during my conversation.
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