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'Ah. I'm Hooty the owl.

If you're talking to yourself you must have a dilemma.'

'I do." Slog showed Hooty his wings. See. I bet you haven't met a frog with wings before. I'm the only one in my family."

Hooty flew down and walked around Slog. "Hmm. I see what you mean. Well, even so, what's the problem?"

Slog shook his head. "Are you kidding? Look at me! I have wings! And, I can't even fly."

(Slog the Winged Frog Sister's Surprise by Javelin Jaaziel)

Slog, is not an ordinary frog. In spite of his normal, loving family, the normal swamp in which he lives, and the normal friends he has, there is one thing that sets him apart: Slog has wings. Cursed with them since birth, Slog is unable to fly and finds himself discouraged over being so different.

Seeking advice from his family and friends, Slog travels the swamp and nearby farmlands, hoping to find solace in kind words from Hooty the owl, or Squiggly Squirrel. After a long journey and no answers, Slog returns home and is surprised to find the best advice he receives is from his spunky little sister. Slog the Winged Frog is a humorous story about self-love and acceptance, and teaches about the importance of family.

a clever way to encourage young readers to accept themselves and others for their differences - Emily-Jane Hills Orford for Readers' Favorite

Slog teaches you it's ok to be different, and while everyone might not like you, those that love you will always be there for you no matter what. - Danielle Welch for Kid's Korner & The Faerie Review

Perhaps Slog's little story being published is the silver lining in a very dark Covid cloud. The story began to form many years ago when my chemistry teacher would pose the hypothetical question: if a frog had wings, could it fly?

Sister's Surprise may be the first in a short series of stories about Slog the Winged Frog. It is available as an eBook at, or request a hardcover edition from your local bookstore. The audiobook is available at and narrated by Francesca Ling, who is best known for her featured roles on CBS God Friended Me and Hawaii Five-O. The latest news and special offers are available at
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