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Small victory post....

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I got a chance at my day job today to just sit and write.  And if you knew my day job you'd understand how impossible that task is.  LOL. 

Anyways, I got a chance to add about 1,500 new words.  My new total is 10,440 but that might go down as I edit a bit more what I've written and pull more "backstory" items for an entire prequel book. 

But I'm happy that I accomplished that.  If I could just find an hour a day, I could easily get this darn book written sooner, rather then later.  I really like the voice I have writing it right now.  And going over older written stuff, I can see the voice isn't 100% the same.  So I'd like to get as much of this done NOW before I lose this voice, if any of that make sense.

Now back to my regularly scheduled day other words, time to crack some whips on these students!
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Congrats! Every little bit helps. I love it when I'm able to squeeze some writing in at my job, something that's happening less often lately.
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