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AdriannaWhite said:
if they're earning this much money, where is it going? Certainly not anywhere near customer service.
I don't know about that. Last time I contacted Smashwords customer service (which was in the past week), I got a response on the next business day. Big change from the two week wait!

Personally, Smashwords is even my preferred vendor in shopping for e-books, so I'd put my stuff on there even if I didn't use them for distribution anywhere. I put my work pretty much everywhere I can find-and I'm moving into going direct whenever I can. Mainly because I prefer having paychecks from multiple sources, so if one place tanks, I still might have the others coming in. (Yes, I'm paranoid. I've earned it. ;) )

Not that I'm making much of anything from my publishing yet, but that's fine. I'm on a five-year plan. :)

Fact is, D2D looks potentially useful, but not for me. I write in Scrivener, I live in the US, and I have a Mac computer. It is easy for me to produce an EPUB, a MOBI, and a PDF file. I can go direct with all those vendors that D2D uses. (Perhaps ironically, with my software setup, the most time-consuming file to format is the Smashwords one. Doesn't take long, since I'm used to it, but it still takes longer than the other formats.)

Someone else, in a different situation than me? I could see D2D being a great option.

One thing I've heard is that D2D is looking in to the possibility of being able to split royalty payments between parties involved in a title. If they got that, I could see myself using them for a project I've been mulling over. (DTF seems to be able to do that already, for the record, though they don't distribute to other vendors…insofar as I've noticed.)
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