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The Smashword receipts for entire year 2012 is now in:

Total earnings for all CoolMain authors across the channels Smashwords distribute to about one-sixth of Amazon earnings: some books were on Smashwords for only a small part of the time they were on Amazon.

Barnes & Noble outsold Sony 7:2, Apple 4:1 and Kobo 15:1. Sales on Smashwords itself was fractionally more than on Apple. Some books were on the others for Christmas but not on Apple because of the conjunction of a tight schedule at CoolMain Press, Smashwords' mindless insistence on lower case titles, and Apple's handvetting of books before listing them.

This year we'll get a fairer picture of what Apple is good for, but it has already shot up in January, as has Kobo (which last year lagged badly) for some unknown reason, possibly expansion.

Clearly, it doesn't pay to ignore Smashwords, even by itself, nor several of the channels it distributes to, the best ones by this showing being Barnes & Noble, Sony, Apple and Kobo. In addition, the ones where we didn't sell well may be the stamping grounds of readers of types of books we don't do -- we concentrate on quality literature for the higher end of the market.

This confirms to me that the lower Amazon sales reported (we didn't actually see a dip as reported elsewhere but we were launching new books right up to Christmas) is not the result of a fall in the market but a shift in the market to the other vendors.

Ignore Smashwords and the channels it brings you in a convenient package at your own peril!
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