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Smashwords Pageviews & Stats

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I have been very passive about Smashwords and am not really all that familiar with the site, yet, so perhaps this is just one of their quirks?

But...  The last couple of days when I have looked at the graph of page views for my book, the line is smack-dab right at zero.  On the two days before this, there were considerably more views.  I've added the link to StumbleUpon, etc., plus I Tweet it now and then (and kind and generous Tweeps have retweeted it occasionally), so the "zero" page view count strikes me as odd (but not impossible). 

In the experiences of authors here on KB, do the Smashwords stats usually seem normal and accurate or might there be some kind of a hiccup here?
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Not sure...

I published an ebook on Smashwords and the first couple days had many downloads and page views... but then died afterwards. 

I'm guessing after publishing you get a boost of traffic from their home page?
I just checked mine, Jill, and I too am showing zero views for the last two days - also zero downloads, despite the fact that I've had several Smashwords sales over those two days. The days before that show plenty of views. So it does look as if there's currently a glitch.

I haven't been checking the stats page recently (as in the last year or so:)), but back when I did check them more often they seemed sensible enough. Hopefully it'll be cleared up soon - perhaps a server is down.
Thanks for the feedback folks!
Oh, great. Another thing I can look forward to obsessively checking.
I posted about this on the 'When will Smashwords update' thread, here:,133021.125.html
but I think I killed the thread!

There must be a glitch of some kind because all of my previously there view stats have disappeared, from the 4th backwards. I hope they return soon. The flat line makes me feel unloved.
Sorry Rlyon, didn't see your post on the other thread.

YES, the flat line makes me feel unloved  :(
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