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Smashwords "People who purchased this also purchased"

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This might seem like a silly question, but I have a book on sale on Smashwords that's been traditionally published. I thought I'd made quite a few sales because there's been 37 different books listed under the "People who purchased this also purchased" but my publisher says I've only sold a few books there so far. I don't doubt this publisher, but I don't understand how Smashwords can list these books yet I've only sold a few.

How long do sales take to show up on the site - does anyone know?

I'm very confused. Any advice much appreciated.
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It could be that one customer also bought those other 37 books. You can have "alsobots" at SW after just 1 sale.
Thanks Dalya. Maybe it's that. Very misleading though as different books appeared over the space of a few weeks and the wording makes you think someone who bought those books also bought yours. Maybe they're trying to make it seem like Smashwords sells more books than it really does:)
People who bought your book also bought (some of) those in the same sitting. I'm not seeing how that is weird. Smashwords allows you to put multiple books in your cart so it might be that they saved up a couple they wanted and bought them in one go after their christmas money came through?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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