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Back in December I uploaded my third book, Sentinel, to Smashwords and it took about 16 days for it to get approved for premium status.  I was extremely disappointed to say the least.  When my first novel fell out of select on March 3rd I uploaded it and took five days to get approved.  Much improved.  My latest work I uploaded around midnight Sunday and its been approved already.  I would say easily less than 48 hours from upload to approved.

I still have to scratch my head on how books are distributed to other outlets.  Kobo has my new series, but not the trilogy, and Barnes and Noble is the opposite, they have the trilogy, but not the new stuff, and Apple is off smelling butterfly farts as far as I can tell and has nothing.

So I hope Smashwords is upping their game by getting books approved faster and my first experience wasn't just caused by a huge backlog created by everyone taking the holidays off.
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