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Has anyone had problems with Smashwords? I registered with them today and uploaded an ebook with no trouble. The confirmation email arrived together with a request to return to the site and obtain a free ISBN number. I followed all the steps required and all I got was an error notice with an apology and a request to try again. Nothing happened and another notice appeared asking me to report the matter by way of the email box in the HELP section. This I did and received a DELIVERY PERMANENTLY FAILED announcement. Since then I have been unable to establish contact. Has this happened to anyone else?

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Sounds like service overload or a typo somewhere.

Wait a bit and try again?
Nothing to worry about. I am a member for over a month. They handle every bug and will be of help when needed.

Maybe there's a temporary problem with the website. perheps you try again later and/or send an email to Mark Cocker - he is very nice (and professional) person
Mark Cocker?! Please...don't screw up the man's name!
Christopher Hunter said:
Mark Cocker?! Please...don't screw up the man's name!
Uppsss :-[

Sorry about that Mark Coker!
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