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So Glad They've Got Parental Controls!

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This review is for the newest basic Kindle which is currently $69 with Ads.

I finally took the plunge and bought a Kindle.  I had been waiting to buy one on principle because none of them had parental controls.  I'm so glad I waited, especially since they came down in price too.  Internet safety is very important to my family and the device can be locked up nicely.  I also appreciate that the device can't be de-registered without a password either.

As far as the ads go, I've not come across anything offensive (and I'm a little bit of a prude).  This could be because Amazon tailors ads to browsing history, I'm not sure, but I'd feel comfortable putting this in the hands of my kids.  Plus when you're actually reading the ads aren't even there so it's not really a huge issue in my opinion.

I also have one of the early Sony e-readers, the pages of the Kindle turn much quicker and books load in almost no time flat.  Technology has come a long way in just 2 years.  I will probably be satisfied with this device for some time to come, and then I can feel safe giving it to my daughters when I get to upgrade to a newer model  ;D
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