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Hey, at least the good news is that you don't have to wait in line for 4 days.  So, what are you doing as you wait for your DX?  

I'll tell you what I'm doing:

1.  Selling almost everything I have, which includes my gym set.  (Woo hoo!  I made $130 selling my DTBs at a used-books store in Berkeley, CA.)  

2.  Constantly checking my Amazon account for any updates on my DX order.  (I already know when it's coming, but I can't seem to stop myself from going back and forth to the website.)

3.  Getting my E2-Work Visa paperwork completed to finally get my butt to South Korea next month.  (Gosh!  What a process!)

4.  Trying to reach my goal of 700 push ups in an hour before I fly back to New York.  (I got to 640 repetitions last Saturday!  Woo hoo!)

5.  Studying languages, especially Korean.  (감사합니다! = Kamsahamnida! = Thank you!) Yey!  You got your first free lesson.

6. Reading and writing on  

7. Going back to and watching the DX video.  (It never goes old.)

8.  Man, I seriously need a haircut.  All my friends, though, like the curly-haired 'fro I've got.

Okay, that's quite a list.  So, tell me.  What are you doing as you wait?

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