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So, who else is staring at their ranking? click click click

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I'm totally stalking my book, waiting for the ranking to move. It's been stuck there for a few hours. The ranks today seemed to do that. 3-4 hours and then they change. I guess I have to wait another hour. click click click. The best rank I've had before now was 217 in the kindle store. This one is at 272. *sigh*

I'm going to go eat a cookie. I'll click it again before bed.  :D :D :D :D yeah, right! I'll click it while I'm eating cookies!!!
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I only published my latest, Cruxim, on the 5th and I have been staring at my rankings for 5 days straight, Holly, and obsessively checking to see if those advanced reviews I lined up have come in. So I can totally sympathise. If I were in the top #100 I think it would send me insane. click click click.
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