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I just wanted to offer an interesting observation I made today. Despite the recent article that promoting your book on Facebook and Twitter does no good.

This morning I put a sale notice up on my series blog, advertising "Broken Heart Sale for Valentine's Day" (the book has a shapeshifter that rips out people's hearts and eats them to gain memories, etc. ) Smashwords coupon for 75% off.

I have less than a hundred people following me on Facebook, and probably just over a hundred on Twitter- most of whom are surely autobot/spam machines.

In about ten minutes, I got 22 visitors to my blog. No book sales reported yet, but I find that amazing. (My blog is set to post to Facebook and Twitter)

I'd wager those of you with romance stories might actualy score some sales using a similar tactic. I assume my visits came from all tweets going up on the main Twitter homepage and some good old curiosity.
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