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social networks?

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In an attempt to keep marketing myself, from a nobody, into someone that people might be intrested in, I've been reading on KindleBoard about where I might start  - and so I joined Goodreads, and Facebook, and even got a twitter account. I just wondering how much you might spend on this stuff a day? (Right now it looks like it will take me about an hour) No one knows about me or my work yet, so I am just a nobody.

hope you got something nice for Christmas,

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Nothing is wrong with being nobody, bad choice of words, I mean like so people know who I am as a writer. so they can buy my work. Did not mean to offend or anything. I mean in marketing etc.

What I should have said, was being someone with no platform yet, or just trying to build one.
Ah, I see the author to one of your novels is Joe Nobody lol - we are in good company :D
I'm active on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, Wattpad, Shelfari, and Pinterest. I check in at different times throughout the day, whenever I'm taking a break on the book or if I get up to get something to eat, but it comes out to a total of about an hour and a half to two hours. The more you do it the faster you'll get, but as more people engage with you it takes up more time. i spend a lot more time on facebook than I used to, but it's worth it because I get to interact with my fans.
Thanks for that :) I've been doing about an hour myself. I am thinking about every day right now. Not sure how the software works though, so it has been slow so far lol.
Right now I am at a half hour to an hour. Facebook and Tumblr being my sort of home bases and then Goodreads, Shelfari for the book...and a bunch of time here to learn.

Good luck!
Authors tend to use Kindleboards as a place to go when they're taking breaks from writing (at least the Writer's Cafe), or when they need to ask specific questions.  The other parts of KB are more geared towards traditional social media. 
Thanks heaps for info. Yeah, I've been using it for about an hour right now - but now I have my twitter linked with my blog, I don't have to post on both. The main problem for me is finding something intresting to post.

Thanks for the info!

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