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I'm one of those individuals who had ordered a kindle and had not received it yet so I'm now getting the K2. Since I don't want to get a used one I'm selling my cover and skins.

The Tree of Life cover has velcro. I'm looking for $70 and I pay shipping or you can make me an offer. [SOLD]

One of the skins is called Quest and the other is Far Away Places. [SOLD] You can check them out at Decalgirls sight. You will need to go to the iPod classic skins to see Far Away Places. Doesn't look like they make it for kindle anymore. I'm looking for $15 for both skins and I'll pay for shipping or if you only want one then $7.50 for each and I pay for shipping. Or you can make me an offer :)

Here I thought I was being prepared but instead I was getting ahead of myself :D

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