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Hi guys! I have a Kindle 2 for sale! The Kindle is in mint condition and has great contrast and no sun fade issues. I'm selling it because money is a bit tight.....and as much as I hate to admit it here on a Kindle lovers board- I prefer DTB after all :] I love my Kindle, but long term it's not for me.

This Kindle 2 also comes with:

Oberon- Creek Bed Maple cover [four corners]
Oberon- Wolf Head charm
Noroprene- Slip cover pink/grey
DecalGirl- Her Abstraction Skin
Amazon- 2 Year warranty protection

The kindle cost $359.00
The extra warranty cost $65.00
The Skin cost $14.99
The Noroprene cover cost $20
The Oberon Cover cost $75
Charm was included :]

Total Cost: $533.99

I'm asking $425 OBO.....Shipping Included, with Delivery confirmation. Email me at [email protected] if interested.

**Willing to Sell Accessories or Kindle separately if for price**


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YAY FOR ME!!!!!  I can't wait to get it.  Kindlewatch is exciting even when I have my K1 to read on. 
Thank you, Elaina. 
I do hope you stick around the Boards even if you're reading on a K.  You're a valuable community member.

I also bought a Green M-edge platform from a Board member.  Hopefully they'll arrive at about the same time. 

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