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Sold my first book on....KOBO!

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:D I've sold nothing this week and, just when I'd lost hope, KOBO - the unlikely hero - has come to my rescue! :eek:
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Congrats, Geoff! Here's to many more *raises cup of tea*  ;D
Cheers, *spills coffee over keyboard*  :D
Congratulations! When I sold 2 on there one day I almost had a heart attack.
Haha thanks guys - I reckon that's my quota for the year right there. Now to blow that $1.73... ;D
Don't be discouraged - I just sold my 1100 book on Kobo so there is an audience there!

I got sales within a few days of uploading my books on Kobo -- in Australia and Canada. Contrast this with B&N: 0 sales.

How long did it take after you published it there?
My Kobo experiences have been very strange.

After I uploaded a couple weeks after it went live, I got a couple sales.

Then about a month later, sales picked up--for about two weeks I sold a 2-3 a day.

Then ZERO Sales for a MONTH. I got worried something was wrong, but all my listings were fine.

Finally a few days ago, I got one more sale.

Strange little venue.

Actually, Kobo has been up and down for me, too. Just when I think B&N is dead in the water and Kobo is the new promised land, everything reverses. Ah, the fickle finger of fate.
geoffnolan said:
:D I've sold nothing this week and, just when I'd lost hope, KOBO - the unlikely hero - has come to my rescue! :eek:
Congratulations! I dream of the day I sell a book on Kobo. I don't even check over there any more because having an "all time" figure of "0" month after month is just depressing.
I managed to get in their Boxing Day promotion, 'Fantastic Fiction from $1.99'. Sold 5 copies in a couple of days, after none in six weeks. Nearly had a heart attack when I got back after my New Year holiday and checked my sales!
Barnes and Noble? Let's not even go there. However, my sales are poor to non existent all over - hence my profound shock today  :)
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