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SOLD - Oberon Celtic Hounds kindle 2 cover (saddle) for sale - like new.

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This is brand new, it just arrived on Tuesday this week, it has the corners (not the velcro). The cover is gorgeous, beautifully made. It's just - very heavy. I should have guessed that due to the leather used - but (sigh) it has to go. I would like $70 including shipping within the US for this if anyone is interested. The cover is a little darker than what the photo shows due to the use of a flash.

ETA: if you want it without the charm, I will sell this for $65 including US shipping.

I also got a Borsa Bella case in the Moda Brown fabric (see: that matches the case really well. I would like to sell that as well (since I got it as a set) for $35 including shipping within the US. The bag has never been used, I have placed the kindle covered by the Oberon case within the bag to check fit, but no other use has occurred.
eta: the Borsa Bella case has sold

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I added pictures - the one of the cover is a little washed out due to use of flash, the color is a bit deeper and richer. I am including the celtic charm that came with it as well as the spare elastic for the button. optional

ETA: I just received the little dots from Oberon to protect the back of the Kindle. The dots go where the corners are connected to the case, they do not attach to the Kindle. I will also be including those.
I have updated the price - if you want the cover without the charm, it's $65 including shipping, with the charm $70 including shipping.  Depending on your location in the US - you would save with charm - between $5 and $15, without charm you would see a savings of $15 and $25.


Very pretty.....if I needed another I'd buy it! :D
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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