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Somebody explain this to me please

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About a week ago, I changed the category of The Accident from general fiction to Drama/American and at the same time I raised the price to $7.99.  I think that is a fair price for three full length novels.  After getting depressed because I couldn't sell much at $3.99, it made me feel better to be the proud author of a premium priced book, even if it wasn't selling.  So today I had this brainstorm that I could split out Book 1, and make it free on Smashwords, like many of you guys do for a series.  I did that and then I started to publish "Book 1 Only" on Kindle, hoping to get some of you to help me make it permafree when it's done processing.  (Mr. President -- any idea when you'll be getting to the point?  I'm almost there.)  So while I was copying some of the description from the book page of the full book I suddenly noticed that Amazon had made it half price.

What does that mean?  Why would they do that?  Does that mean it's in a promotion on Amazon somewhere?  If so, I can't find it.  It hasn't had any sales today.
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I'm in Canada, but I see the book as $7.99 when I click the link in your sig.
It shows as $3.99 to me.  Very likely this has nothing to do with your splitting out book 1, and more likely Amazon's bots have found it still listed somewhere for its original price of $3.99.  I had one incident in the past where the bots were doing this off a cached page.  I asked what they were price-matching, and sent them a screen shot of the actual current price to fix the issue.
OK.  I guess because the price change to 7.99 hasn't filtered through to all the distributors from Smash, right?  I didn't know they did that automatically unless someone notified them.
It's totally up to Amazon when they do it and for how long.  If you WANTED it matched, of course it would take months or not happen at all.
Update: 7 downloads of my new free "Book 1 Only" in 2 hours from Smash. That seems good.  So I've been reading about all the sites you guys use to advertise your Select free days.  What do you do with permafrees?
Many of the free sites will run permafrees.

I just let mine run wild. I get about 20 downloads per day on Amazon and about 50 per day on iTunes, although last week I had a random 450-download day on iTunes, which tells me someone, somewhere, decided to list it.

Dang Kobo doesn't show me freebie downloads.
My new "Book one only" is live now. I used that little button to tell Amazon that it was free on Smashwords, but I don't know if that is enough to get them to match it. Here is the URL to the book on Smashwords, if anyone would be so kind as to inform them again. I've never done this permafree thing before, so I don't know how many notices they need. Thanks for all your help. If I'd never met all you wonderful people on this board, I'd never have known that this technique was even possible.
Can I ask a quick question?

You're going to give book 1 away for free, and then the reader will have to buy book 2 + 3... but with book 1 also in the bundle?

Do you have them broken out also? (Forgive me if I'm misunderstanding.)

I'm wondering if people don't want to take a chance on three books where they would on 1.

Also, even if it is a deal, readers might look at that and say, "She wants me to pay for book 1 again even though I already have it."

Logic is a funny thing.

Why don't you split them all out AND have a bundle? More opportunities for sales.  Also, I think people who bought a single, will buy all the singles. And people who buy bundles, will buy the bundles. I wouldn't limit your options.
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That's a good idea.  I was wondering about that too.  After they get book 1 for free, they would also get it again in the bundle.  The only reason I hesitate is that book 1 stands alone, but 2 and 3 reuse characters and situations that were already introduced in book 1.  I don't know how much of an issue that is.
Caitie Quinn said:
Also, even if it is a deal, readers might look at that and say, "She wants me to pay for book 1 again even though I already have it."

Logic is a funny thing.
Right now I only have 2 books out in my series (with the third coming next month). I also have a bundle of the first 2 books. The regular price for each book is $3.99, and the bundle is priced at $4.99 (except for when it's on sale).

The bundle was part of the Kindle Daily Deal last month for just 99 cents. I happen to know several readers who'd already bought the first book at full price and enjoyed it but who hadn't gotten around to buying the second book, but when they saw the bundle was on sale they bought that instead of the second book.

Point being, lots of people might choose to buy the bundle even if they already own the 1st book, as long as they're getting a deal.
I will also have a situation soon where I will have #1 for free but then it will also be bundled with 1-4. I don't want to leave 1 out of the bundle even though it is free. It's not like they are paying for it now--it's still a great discount on the last three. But all the books are in one package, which is easier. Some people will get the bundle without ever having downloaded the first free one as they have read other stuff by me and will just want it.

Plus, Amazon is fickle. They randomly put the free book up for a price, and I want to make sure the bundlers get it included if that is going on when they look.
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