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When members hear about a special deal or discount of interest to the membership, such as discounts on covers, skins, Kindles and other accessories, this is the place to announce it! Please make the subject specific as to the item.

A few guidelines:

Please be specific in the subject and include the time limit of the discount if known. This will help other members scanning the listing. If the offer is available from a website, please include a link.

We will delete listings once the expiration date has passed (eventually ;)). If additional information becomes available, note that the original poster can change information in the subject of their original post, including the subject, which will update the subject shown in the topic listing.

Authors: Sale prices for your books, discounts and giveaways must be done through your book thread in the Book Bazaar. Anything related to promotion may only be done in the Book Bazaar. See Forum Decorum for more information. Posts here will be deleted or moved.

If you have any questions, you're welcome to ask them by replying to this post or by PMing me or one of the other moderators.


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