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Speed near the end?

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Surely I'm not the only writer who does this...

With whatever I'm working on, I dawdle and dawdle at the outset, poke along in the middle, and then when I get to the last pages or final paragraphs, I fly like lightning!  I'm sure it's just because I'm so glad to see the end and to feel that *sigh* of contentment when I'm done.  I was even this way when I was a students and had to do essays (and my profs often commented on my brief conclusions...)

Does anyone else really speed up when they're in the home-stretch?
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Yes! I will dawdle and take my time through 3/4 of a story, but when I feel the end coming, it's like I become Speedy Gonzales.  ;D
Absolutely! My Dad used to have a name for a horse that would start to gallop when it saw the barn door, but it escapes me. Whatever that name was, that's me!
I am very hesitant, pokey, and jerky/spurty at the end. I can't sigh with relief but with trepidation. For me the real trial is at hand because I fear the proofing.

My absolute first motto is: there is no such thing as writing - there is only rewriting. I've got stuff older than you that I still rewrite. That's one thing. But proofing is agony to me. I reread my ebook 30, maybe 40 times. Published the darned thing then began arranging a POD. When that proof got to me I found 75+ spelling errors and 20+ paragraph indentation lapses. I was floored. I reedited and resubmitted the ebook and await (fearfully) the second POD proof to hit my mailbox.

I wistfully await my sigh of relief that all is done. And, I envy you!

I still dive in for revisions & edits & proofing and all that, but doing those things really doesn't bother me because I am so glad to finally have a "whole" instead of just part of a story or half of a book.  When I get to the final few lines of whatever I'm working on, it's like I'm on the Autobahn!
You need to bottle that skill (and that ability to dive right in) - I'd buy lots of it and I'd bet other writers would too.

I do admit I'm glad when my baby(s) are 'birthed' and I miss them greatly. Do you have that feeling? It's not dissimilar from that feeling I get when I finish a book I loved.
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