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Hi, Nebulinda -

There is a really great series of books out by an author that features a National Forest Service Parks ranger and the series/mysteries she finds herself in. Dang, I can't remember it now when I want to. ** I remembered - they are by Nevada Barr and the main character is Anna Pigeon** It's very good, and the action of each book takes place in different areas of the U.S. One takes place in a cavern exploration and another one is centered in Manhattan next to the Statue of Liberty.

Here is the first book of that series. Unfortunately :-\ there is no Kindle edition

You might also try Dan Millman's "Peaceful Warrior" books. This blurb taken from his website [] gives you an idea of the philosophy behind the books:

The Purpose: Evolution

The Arena: Daily Life

The Time: Now

The Method: Action

It begins on the ground.

It starts where you are.

It works at every level.

I believe the book below is the first one that Dan Millman wrote. Again, like the Barr books, it is not available on the Kindle. It's been out for many years and you are very likely to find a good used edition with a different cover if you'd like.

Both are worth checking out ;D

1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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