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Splintered: Sierra's Legacy

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A new story about a young girl born to save a world. "The fate of 3 planets are linked by a "world gate." When one planet's resources are damaged by its inhabitants, a 16-year-old orphan girl's unique genetic ability to heal nature is their only hope. To accomplish this healing requires 3 people just like her. For the first time in her life, she realizes she's not alone, and now her true quest begins." Priced at $2.99

Available on Kindle at Amazon

I currently have 4 sales and 2 reviews. Both reveiwers have given Splintered: Sierra's Legacy 5 stars. My daughters have posted on facebook and I am now on GoodReads as well. Marketing is an interesting process, very time consuming.
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I have had some great comments on my book so far. I love that one reviewer felt that is was a book of renewal as that is the goal. I am just resetting my proof on the Physical copy and should have that back to the press today. I will also be uploading Splintered: Sierra's Legacy to pub-it on Barnes and Noble and to Journalstone. I have had some wonderful help along the way, and really appreciate all those that have been there for me.

If you like Fantasy, a bit of Young Adult, light romance, a little suspense, and surprise this may be something for you to look into. I will be pricing it at .99 when my book releases, so keep it in mind for some lighted and uplifting summer reading. It begins just a bit dark, but don't let this fool you.

I am currently at 4 sales and 2-5 star reviews. Although one of the reviews may be my sister, LOL. I can't tell. I have sent a few more copies for review and hope I can keep a good pace.
I have sold seven kindle versions so far. I have reviewed three reviews, all five stars. I have currently sent it out for review on several blog sites and hope to get some reviews in the next few weeks.
I have also uploaded to smashwords and hope to have the physical copy ready for its final phase in the next few weeks.

I have begun work on a prequel, Splintered: Mystery of the Missing Keeper.

I have garnered a few more sales, and I have brokered a few more readers for reviews. The marketing takes a great deal of time, but is also rewarding, especially when meeting new people.
I have met a few new people from the Kindle board through Good Reads and hope to have time to hook up with them.
I am also waiting with baited breath for my reviews to come through, it is a time consuming process, and while I have a few up, I guess that I need more validation. :-\

Have a wonderful day, if you are interested in reading and reviewing, drop me a line. Thanks
Love the title.  :) Add in a striking cover, intriging blurb, I wish you much success.
Thank you Arlene,
The word Splintered seems to be popular, I noticed it immediately on your book. Good luck and well and thank you for the comment. Book covers are a big decision and I hope I chose wisely.

Good luck with your book. It sounds like an interesting original idea. I like your cover. Did you create it yourself?
Thanks Will,
I appreciate you thoughts. I used a Shutter Stock image for the photo, they have some wonderful stuff, and went about putting it together that way. Even though is says it can not be used on POD, I called them and they said their contraint does not include book covers. Just read the licencing if you find anything of interest. There are sever different image places some allow more sales before the cost goes up, but I did not think I would have to worry with the amount of uses I was allowed. I hope that makes sense.  ??? and are two others I can think off, the pricing is very low.

I received another review, and although this one was only three stars, I was compared to Robert Jordan. That is never a bad thing, the reviewer liked my story but did not care for the writing style which they percieved as epic. That is why the comparison. I will have to look up Robert Jordan, I do not think I know his work although I have heard he is popular.

It is interesting to see how people perceive your work as the reviews roll in.
I am having my book edited currently to polish it up and to take out some redundancy. I have had 5-5 star ratings and 3-3 star ratings to date. Some redundancy has popped up and since I want to put out a great product, this is the direction I am taking. It seems like it will be a bit of a project and may hold my physical book up for another 6-8 weeks. Currently it is still available in kindle form, and will be uploaded with the new corrections at completion.
I am currently waiting quite patiently for my editor to send me the first few edited chapters. I would like to put Splintered: sierra's Legacy to rest. I am currently on my second book of this series as well as working on a Cozy mystery. I have several other books in the pike, some started and some just still in my imagination. I am having so much fun, but the waiting is difficult. I am sure I will be crushed by the editing, I have spent 8 months on is already, but I am so excited about the story I want it to be perfect or at least as perfect as it can be.
I expect to learn a little more as well through the edits, so even with the work ahead, I am excited.
I have finally completed the long awaited edit on Splintered: Sierra's Legacy. If you would like to check out a sample of the work you can find it here I will be redeeming coupons shortly for free copies. The updated kindle will also available in the next few days :D

Now on to my new work. Some of the editing was fun and creative, but some of it was very much like school work. UGG
With the release of the physical copy, Splintered: Sierra's Legacy Kindle copy has now been reduced to $0.99 for a short time only. If you enjoy Science Fiction Fantasy with a dollop of hope, you will enjoy this epic novel.
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