A Wolf Like Me (Thomas Spell Book 1), by Andy Fitz
232 pages, with a 4.6-star rating from 21 reviews

"This was a great read. Andrew is a very talented writer. His descriptive prose keeps you entertained and engaged throughout the entire book. His dry sense of humor will have you laughing out loud. " -- Amazon Reviewer
A midnight ritual by a secret society in the English Countryside nearly costs Thomas Spell his life. He returns home to Chicago to find that he carries within himself something unspeakable - a condition for which he believes there is no cure, until he meets Penelope, a beautiful and brilliant pre-med student determined to heal him. But The Brotherhood searches for him still, convinced that he holds the key to an unimaginable power. As his life begins to spiral out of control, Thomas is forced to confront his own past, as well as the dark forces closing in on him and everything he holds dear.

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Meet the Author

As the son of a librarian, Andy cultivated a deep rooted love for books from a young age. One day he picked up The Hobbit, and has never looked back. This is his first novel.