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STAMPEDE Free book on marketing strategies

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I've just downloaded this book so don't know if it's any good, but not sure how long it's going to be free.
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carinasanfey said:
All the five-star reviews are full of exclamation marks! How wonderful! I bet they're from totally genuine members of the public!

(On a serious note, the website for the book is extremely off-putting and, from the sound of the more genuine-seeming reviews, the book is full of monkey poop.)

Do let us know, though, if it turns out to actually be any good! :)

(p.s. Apologies if I am coming off slightly grumpy. I didn't have enough caffeine today and I think it's showing.)
I only mentioned it because it was free. Read a bit of it, but haven't found anything startlingly new yet. I think anything that's worth knowing has probably already been discussed here :D.
The part that I read looks well written and I've never heard of book linker/Geo Riot before (sounds very helpful). Will download and have a look - thanks Jan!
Thanks Jan for the heads up on the free book. I downloaded and read it. A lot of it seemed to make sense and I'll probably get around to trying out a few of the suggestions.
I downloaded it, but I had to laugh at the testimony from the person named "La Jolla" who was from California.  Um, La Jolla is a city that is considered to be part of the greater San Diego area. Red flag there. But, it's free, so what can I lose? :)
I got it a few weeks ago. It basically suggests spamming your Twitter audience with "Buy My Book" links. While some of it makes sense by pointing out that Twitter moves super quick and the odds of someone seeing your post are slim, some of it just reeks of spam and then there is the fact that his book isn't blowing any ranking records (But that could be a regional thing). If you want some marketing advice that's "out of the box", I suggest Jeff Walker's launch book (or even just his blog). He also offers a course on how to launch products, but the price is way too high for me to consider. I got the book last summer and have been using a few of his ideas while launching my upcoming book. My mailing list is more responsive (up to about a 70% click through rate) so I'm eager to see how his suggestions work regarding the actual release.
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